Just Hold On… by Carol Boley

ballroom-dancersI have a confession to make. I am not a pretty dancer. You will never find me competing on “Dancing with the Stars.” Heaven knows, people have tried to teach me, but I can’t seem to learn, much less master, specific steps and moves. This goes way back. In high school I couldn’t complete cheerleader tryouts. I had plenty of spirit but couldn’t memorize all those routines. Apparently I have coordination issues.

So I panicked when, as maid of honor at my best friend’s wedding, the moment came for me to dance with the groom. The reception featured a lively polka band. Polka—a dance described as embracing the “intimacy of the waltz combined with the vivacity of the Irish jig.” Yikes. I knew I was in trouble. And as good of friends as we were, I wasn’t sure Denny knew this about me. There was nothing to do but ‘fess up.

“Denny,” I gasped in a mix of anxiety and shame, “I don’t know how to dance the polka!” Denny put one arm around my waist, grabbed my hand and commanded, “Just hold on!”

And away we went, Denny leading every step of the way. I relaxed, and even though I’ve seen trained bears on roller skates appear more graceful, I enjoyed myself.

“Just hold on!”

That’s good advice for all of us, not just polka dancers, as long as we follow the right leader and trust the one leading us. Jesus tells us the same thing. Stay close. Abide in me. Follow my lead. And even if we lose our grip, we are secure in the arms of our hero. He’s got us. He’s in control. He knows the steps. Our part? Just hold on. And we will go dancing.

Do you have a hard time believing God is trustworthy when you look at the circumstances of your life and see anger, bitterness, disappointment? When you’ve been wounded and betrayed? When you don’t see the answers to your prayers? When you don’t know the steps of the dance?

I ask you to trust God means what He says. That He loves you and forgives you and enables you to love and forgive others. That you are under no condemnation. That He will take everything that has ever happened to you and work it for your good. That He will transform your character to look like Jesus.

How can we believe that when the circumstances of our lives shout just the opposite? He isn’t asking us to trust untrustworthy people and circumstances. He’s asking us to trust Him. And He gives us one sure, unmistakable marker that we can return to time after time for reassurance.

The cross. Every time. Everything pales in comparison to the cross. It is God’s stake in the ground that He means what He says and you can trust Him. It is God giving you His very best, dealing a death blow to Satan’s accusation, beginning in the garden, that God is holding out on you. How precious you are to God that He would love you like this!

As we enter December and focus on Christmas, let’s remember to see beyond the child in the manger all the way to our Savior on the cross. And He will take us dancing. Just hold on.

About Carol Boley

Carol is a professional writer and speaker, published in Guideposts, Focus on the Family, Arizona Magazine, and Navy Times. She leads workshops and retreats, specializing in family issues, women's interests, and spiritual growth.
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16 Responses to Just Hold On… by Carol Boley

  1. Linda Carlblom says:

    Carol, I love this! And it’s a perfect reminder to me in this season of my life. I’m holding on and won’t let go. I remember a dear friend who used to say that, “God holds us in the palm of his hand. He doesn’t leave us dangling precariously from his pinky. We’re safe and secure with him.” I’ve always loved that image. Thanks for the terrific post!

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  2. I love this, Carol! I’m not a good dancer…it’s my lack of good rhythm that holds me up, but as you reminded me, I’m letting God take the lead. I’m holding on. Thanks!

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    • Carol Boley says:

      Thanks, Betty! We may not have great rhythm, but we sure have fun, don’t we? And you are such a shining example both of “holding on,” and of God’s holding on to you!


  3. Andrea R Huelsenbeck says:

    As a dancer, I love this metaphor. We can always use a reminder to cling to the Lord, especially during the holidays, which are difficult for many of us. Thanks!

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  4. Andrea Boley says:

    You’re the best, mom! This is a timely and wise reminder.

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  5. Carol Boley says:

    Thank you for your wonderful comments. It’s so comforting to know that Jesus leads us, and even if we let go, He keeps holding on to us. Grateful!


  6. Janel Rogers says:

    I have been priveleged to know Carol as a member of my church and she lives out her faith daily! I love her wisdom and her sweet spirit! Great advice!

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  7. scarlettkat says:

    Well said! Sometimes we all need a reminder to just hold on when yime is tough.


  8. scarlettkat says:

    Well said. We all need reminders to hold on when life get rough.

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  9. Peggy Levesque says:

    This is great, Carol! A wonderful reminder of Who our anchor really is.

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