Wyatt to the Rescue–A Mother’s Pride, by Judy Robertson

Has your child swelled your heart with pride by being compassionate in some way or rescued one of God’s creatures from certain death? Sometimes our children surprise us with their compassion or some character trait we didn’t know they had. This week-end we celebrate Mother’s Day. As mothers, nothing blesses us more than seeing our child exhibit a “first responder” trait that makes our heart swell with pride. 2015-05-06_18.42.13

Wyatt and the baby duck

“Mom, mom, come quick, it’s an emergency!” Eight-year old Wyatt yelled. He ran into his family’s apartment near a lake. He grabbed his mother’s hand and ran with her to the canal that runs alongside the lake. Earlier in the day Wyatt and his mom heard the quack, quack, of a female duck with her five little ducklings close to their apartment.

20150506_174003Wyatt had gone down to the canal to do a third grade science project for school when he saw a little duckling’s head peeking out from underneath a jagged piece of concrete. On his knees, Wyatt reached down the embankment of the dirt canal and petted the baby duck’s head and wondered why he didn’t swim away. Wyatt suddenly realized the duckling was stuck underneath the concrete. Wyatt gently stroked the baby duck’s head and maneuvered the concrete away from the duckling and slowly lifted him out of the water.

Wyatt’s mom, Syd, was on the embankment watching. “Mom, we’ve got to find his mother—he’ll die if he stays all alone.” So Wyatt and his mom walked to the nearby lake trying to find the baby duck’s mother and his four siblings they saw earlier. All of a sudden Wyatt yelled excitedly, “Mom there she is!” the mother duck waddled along with four ducklings behind her in a straight line. “It has to be his mother, mom.”2015-05-06_18.41.28

Wyatt’s mom cradled the duckling close to her chest in both hands and then slowly let him down on the ground near where the mother duck guided her brood away from the two people coming toward her. As soon as the duckling stood on the ground he ran to his mother. The mother duck puffed out her wings and drew her lost baby right under her wings with his four siblings.

It was almost sundown and mother duck and her five little ones snuggled safely under her wings on the warm dirt. This day, Wyatt was a hero.

2015-05-06_18.40.44“In Wyatt’s prayers before bed last night, he cried, and thanked God for giving him the opportunity to save the duckling.” Mom, Syd, reported. “What a day!” No greater Mother’s Day gift.

Would you care to share your rescue story for Mother’s Day? And let us all rejoice that our children stepped out of themselves and became a Rescuer.


About Judy Robertson

Judy Robertson is an author, speaker, and teacher and co-founder with her late husband, Jim, of Concerned Christians, an outreach ministry to Mormons and an equipping arm of the Body of Christ. As Christian missionaries, Jim and Judy lived in the South Pacific islands of Samoa and Tonga for 7 years. Judy is currently writing about their adventures.
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8 Responses to Wyatt to the Rescue–A Mother’s Pride, by Judy Robertson

  1. Andrea R Huelsenbeck says:

    Two moms were happy that day. ❤


    • Judy Robertson says:

      Thanks beyond words, Andrea, for your caring heart. Your comment captured the moment…two moms were, indeed, happy that day


      • Judy Robertson says:

        I’ve been watching duck moms and her brood for some time now…and the whole time I couldn’t help think how she represented the human bond between mother and child. How blessed we are. Judy


  2. Anonymous says:

    What a precious story. I can just see the lake and the ducking as you see it all from your apartment window. Out of the heart of a child we are taught again to slooowww down and see how we can make a difference in other’s lives. Thanks, Judy !


  3. Anonymous says:

    What a precious story. I can just see the duckling and the lake as you see it everyday from your apartment window. Out of the heart and eyes of a child we are taught again to sloooowwww down and look around and see how we can make a difference in other’s lives. Thanks so much Judy.


    • Judy Robertson says:

      Thanks so much for your comment. You have great insight and it’s so true how we need to slow down. Seeing from the eyes of a child brings so much joy. This Mother’s Day we can all be grateful for our mother’s love. I appreciate your words of wisdom. Judy


  4. Anonymous says:

    Great story mom. I love how God speaks to us through nature and animals at times. It’s like a parable. A great reminder of how He is always watching over every circumstance at every moment, and uses others to deliver and help in times of need. He is so much bigger than what we see or know. Thanks for this picture. I can totally relate to this story having my own little rescuers (who aren’t so little any more). Actually, at this very moment we are caring for a rejected puppy (again), lol. Love you! Mar


    • Judy Robertson says:

      Thanks, Marly. It was so good to see your comment. What you gleaned from the event is inspiring and makes me happy to know what you gained from it all. And yes, you certainly do have little rescuers…and now another puppy? Rescuers for sure. Love you, too, Mom.


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