My Dog Keeps Me on My Knees

img_0207I have to admit, when I am on my knees praying I don’t stay very long as it hurts my knees. It’s down, a few words, and up as quickly as possible. While on my knees in this humbled position, it seems my prayers are more intense.

Recently, something has kept me down longer. My sweet cuddly little Jack, mixed-breed rescue, decided he wanted to join me while I was in that position. He stepped into the “v” my calves made as I knelt, laid his head right in the crook of my knee and curled up contentedly. As I peeped over my shoulder to look at his interesting repose, I didn’t want to disturb his sleep. So I stayed on my knees longer.

I realized he wasn’t going to get up until I did so I continued to pray. This encouraged me. I thought of the verse, “Let everything that has breath praise the Lord” (Psalm 150:6). Now what could be sweeter? My little furry companion has decided to join me in prayer or at least enjoy sleeping while I pray.  Yes, it’s harder to get up after being in that position longer. And my knees complain. But I will say, it’s worth it. Being on my knees longer is the best thing that’s happened to my prayer life in a long time.

About Judy Robertson

Judy Robertson is an author, speaker, and teacher and co-founder with her late husband, Jim, of Concerned Christians, an outreach ministry to Mormons and an equipping arm of the Body of Christ. As Christian missionaries, Jim and Judy lived in the South Pacific islands of Samoa and Tonga for 7 years. Judy is currently writing about their adventures.
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4 Responses to My Dog Keeps Me on My Knees

  1. This is so sweet, Judy. I love your little Jack, your prayer partner.


  2. You don’t often get amusing and intensely Christian sentiments in the same paragraph, but you did it! Marvelous, Judy!


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