My New Tween Book Release

I squirm a little when it comes to self-promoting a new book. It feels so self-serving and that goes against my grain. But I’m super proud to announce the release of my new book, Meet Shelby Culpepper, which is book one of a three-book series for tweens.

I’ll tell you a little about the book, but then I want to share some background about why this book means so much to me. It’s available here on Amazon. You can read the back cover copy below:

A new school. A dying grandpa. A mysterious note. Even one of those things would be enough to keep Shelby awake at night. But all three at once provide the perfect ingredients for a really rotten seventh grade year. When Shane, the cutest boy in school, talks to her, Shelby is both thrilled and mortified. Thrilled because, wow. And mortified because his girlfriend is the most popular—and snobbiest—girl in school. With the help of her new friends—an overconfident geek and a boy-crazy romantic, as well as the wisdom of her bedridden grandfather, Shelby unravels the mysteries of the note, and explores the secrets of love, life, and death.

That, in a nutshell, is what the book is about. What that blurb doesn’t tell you is that Shelby is a little bit of me when I was twelve. Shelby Culpepper is a pastor’s daughter who’s embarrassed by her father’s profession. She wants kids to see her for herself, not as some weirdo they have to be on their best behavior for. I remember so well the feelings I had as a preteen just wanting to fit in. We’d just moved to Arizona and my dad was the new pastor of a local church, just like Shelby’s dad. And though my own beloved grandpa was healthy, I modeled Shelby’s grandpa after him.

I actually started writing Meet Shelby Culpepper over thirteen years ago. It was rejected by lots of publishers, and rightly so, because I needed to hone my writing skills and do lots of rewriting. But I never gave up on it. I believed in this story and felt it had something to offer preteens. So I continued sending it out. I learned to trust in God’s timing, even though I wished it would get published long before it did. But God is never wrong. And so when Armonia Publishing saw my book’s merit a year or so ago and sent me a contract, I knew God was in the middle of it. They had me do some more rewriting, and I’m thrilled with the result. I’m thankful for my editor, who pushed me to be a better writer.

So now, thirteen years after I wrote it, I’m over the moon to share Meet Shelby Culpepper with you. Here’s my promise to you. When your kids read my books, you never have to worry about them reading profanity, questionable morals, or violence. I believe in writing compelling books that are God-honoring, entertaining, fun for kids, and stress-free for parents. My books will always:

  • Be squeaky clean
  • Exemplify a growing faith
  • Show respect to adults
  • Teach compassion
  • Uphold traditional conservative values

I hope you’ll pick up a copy of Meet Shelby Culpepper to share with the kids in your life. And if you do, please leave a review on Amazon. It’s the best way to help an author!


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3 Responses to My New Tween Book Release

  1. I love this book! Shelby is a girl your readers will never forget.

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  2. How marvelous that your book is out in God’s time! Congratulations!

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