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Two Years After Leaving My Church: Honest Reflections

I quit the worship band at my lifelong church a little more than two years ago. I typed the phrase “easily the most difficult and painful decision I’ve made” in that first sentence, and its sterility taunted me so I … Continue reading

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Single in the Family of God

My thoughts rarely take the form of words. I like to think this is because life’s deepest truths take place outside the realm of words, but maybe it’s just because I’m introverted and not very verbal. But for the first … Continue reading

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3 Things American Christians Can Learn From My Mom… by Allison Boley

My mom made it easy for me to have a relationship with Jesus. I figured I should start with the heart of the post instead of a cutesy story (I inserted a cutesy photograph to compensate), because I feel an … Continue reading

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3 Ways to Keep Your Sanity During the Elections… by Allison Boley

Election year will not make me crazy. I know technically election year is not until 2016, but try telling that to social media. Unkind memes and angry articles about Presidential and lesser political candidates from both sides of the aisle … Continue reading

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I Hate Drum Solos… by Allison Boley

Yep, I hate drum solos. I’m allowed to say that because I am a drummer. I know that should make me appreciate even more the technical skill involved. And I do. But here’s the thing: most drum solos are really … Continue reading

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