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Andrea R Huelsenbeck is a wife, a mother of five and a former elementary general music teacher. A freelance writer in the 1990s, her nonfiction articles and book reviews appeared in Raising Arizona Kids, Christian Library Journal, and other publications. She is currently working on a young adult mystical fantasy novel and a mystery.

A Few Questions

I am reading Tribe of Mentors: Short Life Advice from the Best in the World by Tim Ferriss. He submitted a group of eleven questions to more than 100 people whom he admired for their brilliance, questions whose answers he believed would … Continue reading

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Flower of the Day: Poppies with Visitor

More FOTD.

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Mockingbird Blues

This article was originally published on ARHtistic License in May, 2020. I’ve now experienced everything. Last week I was bullied by a bird. I was minding my own business, walking Ralph, when a bird started trash-talking me. I tried whistling at … Continue reading

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In the Meme Time: Moving Forward

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Lemon Surprise

A few years ago we had our yard landscaped, and we acquired three citrus trees: an orange, a grapefruit, and a lemon. These last two years we had a a huge yield of lemons. I still have lemons on the tree. … Continue reading

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Watermelon Poem

Watermelon by ARHuelsenbeck it takes both arms to carry you my green-striped beauty I can’t wait to plunge my long knife into your bright red flesh but first I clear an entire shelf in the fridge because you are best … Continue reading

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Imposter Grandmother

Starting with a line from Sylvia by ARHuelsenbeck they stand about in grandmotherly disguise these imposters they have no grandchildren so they acquire others’ by deceit luring them with cookies and other forbidden sweets knitting them scratchy sweaters in colors … Continue reading

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Wisdom from Thomas Edison

Wisdom from the mind of the great inventor, Thomas Alva Edison: Opportunity is missed by most people, because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work. To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk. To … Continue reading

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Pandemic Prayer

More than a year ago, I wrote this poem. It’s encouraging to think that we’re finally getting close to the end of this pandemic. Pandemic Prayer by ARHuelsenbeck Lord, I pray for an end to this pandemic and yet, as … Continue reading

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In the Meme Time: Where Are You Going?

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