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In the Meme Time: How to Make Friends

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How I Learned to Love Geometry…by ARHuelsenbeck

I met Deedee in Girl Scouts. She went to public school, I went to parochial school. Our paths would never have crossed in elementary school were it not for Scouts. What I remember most about Deedee from those early years … Continue reading

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Ideal…by Andrea R Huelsenbeck

In response to The Daily Post prompt: Teen Age Idol When I first read this prompt, it sparked a memory from my childhood. When I was about eight years old, my mother asked me to identify an ideal—a person who epitomized characteristics … Continue reading

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A Bored Game

I know it sounds impossible, with all the cries of how busy everyone is and all the Facebook posts of how overwhelmed by life they are, but sometimes I hear someone say they are bored. I get it. It’s not … Continue reading

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Miss You, Vivien . . . by Andrea R Huelsenbeck

I hope I am the kind of friend Vivien was to me–one who offers to be the solution to other’s problem. I miss you, Vivien. Continue reading

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Friends for Life, Even at a Distance…by Linda Carlblom

My best friend and shirt-tail cousin, Myra, and her college-aged daughter, Jennie, came for a week-long visit from out of state this week and left two days ago. We’ve been besties for almost 40 years, and have known each other … Continue reading

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10 Ways to Remember What’s-Her-Name…by Donna Clark Goodrich

“Where are you living now?” my mother asked the woman who greeted her in front of the grocery store. “Same place,” the woman replied. Then my mother asked, “Where’s your husband working?” “Still at the factory.” My mother tried again. “And … Continue reading

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