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Watermelon Poem

Watermelon by ARHuelsenbeck it takes both arms to carry you my green-striped beauty I can’t wait to plunge my long knife into your bright red flesh but first I clear an entire shelf in the fridge because you are best … Continue reading

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Imposter Grandmother

Starting with a line from Sylvia by ARHuelsenbeck they stand about in grandmotherly disguise these imposters they have no grandchildren so they acquire others’ by deceit luring them with cookies and other forbidden sweets knitting them scratchy sweaters in colors … Continue reading

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Pandemic Prayer

More than a year ago, I wrote this poem. It’s encouraging to think that we’re finally getting close to the end of this pandemic. Pandemic Prayer by ARHuelsenbeck Lord, I pray for an end to this pandemic and yet, as … Continue reading

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Link: Let All Earth Give Thanks

Are you thankful for nature? Click the link and scroll down to hear the author read her poem.

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Presence when I notice my blessings—an intricate weed blossoma double rainbowa check in the mail—my burdens grow lighterthey float away altogether I send up little prayers of gratitudemy heart is freehurt is healedthe day brightens like a kiss my God … Continue reading

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Tongue Twister

The Tortured Tongue Tongue torturing, tasting, tantilizingSweet and sour, spicy and saucyBitter biter, bracken and brokenHurting, healing, holding, beholden Asparagus artichoke apple appetizerFortified frozen frankfurters fibrillatingWaxen wieners winking wineGasping grapes on vintage vine Jelly jugular jumping jamsPurple plums, plump peppery … Continue reading

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Portal Every time I try something newIt’s like opening a portal.What unfamiliar artifacts will I find?What skills will I learn?How will this new me fit? Enamored with the possibilities,I squeeze through the openingIgnoring possible repercussions:What are you doing here?You don’t … Continue reading

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I am a huge Beatles fan and I love almost everything John Lennon ever wrote. Except the lyrics to Imagine. This poem is a rebuttal of the song. believe there is a heaven this world is closer to hell than I ever … Continue reading

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I wrote this poem for OctPoWriMo last year. Surprise! by ARHuelsenbeck A surprise is something you weren’t expecting But delights you nonetheless. Not delighted? Give it time. There’s a life at stake— Not just yours, though yours is important. There’s … Continue reading

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Review of The Crafty Poet: A Portable Workshop, by Diane Lockward         

Poetry is a source of delight for me, and I’ve always wished I could write poetry, but my attempts in elementary and high school were lame. A few years ago I tried again, by working through a book I’d originally … Continue reading

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