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6 Ways to Earn my Vote . . . by Andrea R Huelsenbeck

The phone rang for the sixth time that evening. “Your turn,” my husband said. Sighing, I extricated myself from the love seat where Greg and I sat watching TV, and picked up the phone. I didn’t need to say a … Continue reading

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Preserving Family Stories . . . by Andrea R Huelsenbeck

The autumn our daughter Carly was two and a half, we admired the fallen leaves together. “But, Mommy,” she asked, looking up at bare branches, “how do the leaves get back on the trees?” Our old house in New Jersey … Continue reading

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The Day Milo Went AWOL . . . by Andrea R Huelsenbeck

  As I was readying to leave for work one day many years ago, my daughter Erin, then fifteen years old and the last of our children to leave for school in the morning, breathlessly announced, “There’s a snake in my … Continue reading

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The Garage of Doom . . . by Andrea R. Huelsenbeck

  Please don’t judge me. I am about to share a source of great embarrassment for myself and my family. In August of 1988, my husband and I and our then four children moved from New Jersey to Arizona. The … Continue reading

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Doing Life Together

Tuesday’s Children, our writer’s critique group, held its first weekly meeting roughly 20 years ago. Its purpose was to sharpen our writing skills through critique and encouragement. We write in many different genres, span decades in our ages, and are … Continue reading

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